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why am i getting all giggly with him? :$

Jan 20

I completely forgot how it felt like. I’ve waited for so long to feel it again. When that day finally came, I couldn’t help but just smile. That day I asked for your number but you tried playing it off making it seem as if it was all you, nice try buddy! But that is not where it all began. It all began when you walked down those stairs and smiled at me and then eventually said something to me. Since then we just stuck to each other. Eventually when we exchanged numbers, the talking never stopped. It just kept on going all day everyday and 2 days after we went out on a date. I remember I had nothing but butterflies in my tummy, when I just can’t stop smiling, and that feeling of knowing that this is something special. I am really glad that I have met someone like you to make me feel this way. The effort you put into this relationship to make it work and all is just amazing and I thank God that He has blessed me with someone like you. All we gotta do now is just wait patiently for the right day to come.

Aug 7

i just want next week to come already. hoping it will better. 

May 8
so far this week hasn’t exactly been my week.
Apr 9



bottom right, mad skills

Not that smoking’s cool but that looks sick

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Omfg, I cannot tell you how attractive that is. When you see them in button ups, ties, and all of that. In my opinion, it’s really nice to see guys dressed up as gentlemen. Looking clean and all. It’s much nicer to see them dress like this than in street wear. 

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Apr 9
When guys dress classy.
Apr 9

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Apr 9
When you find out your crush is in a relationship.
Apr 9


I found heaven on Earth; you are my last, my first.

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I wish I can dance everyday, every week, every month, every year. Its my passion that can’t be driven.

Apr 9
I actually miss dance so much.